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We all know how important it is to regularly check the engine oil level in our cars, but it’s important not to forget that engine oil also needs to be regularly changed to ensure that it doesn’t lose its lubricating qualities, it is particularly important to change the oil and filter regularly even if your vehicle only does a low annual mileage, as this can increase contamination due to the engine not getting hot enough for the oil to evaporate off condensate.

There are signs that the engine oil needs changing:

  • Check the colour of the oil, if it’s dark and thick, it needs to be changed
  • If you rub a little oil between your fingers and it feels gritty, it needs to be changed
  • If you’ve driven a lot of miles since the last oil change – anything between 5,000-10,000 – it could be time for new oil
  • An increase in engine noise could indicate that the oil needs replacing

If you’re at all unsure, give the team at Harrison's Garage a call, and we can check your oil levels and the condition of the oil and will get you sorted with new oil, if necessary.

Harrison's Garage is a Bosch Car Service Network member which gives customers, new and old, peace of mind when using us for their repair and maintenance requirements and their used car purchases.

To find out more about Engine Oil in Totnes, contact us online or call us directly on 01803 862247

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